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60-minute Client Clarity Challenge

The fastest way to turn your LinkedIn into a 6-figure revenue channel.


Even have under 1k followers.

Even don’t have any marketing experience.

Even're overwhelmed & have no idea where to start.

And especially if you want to increase your LinkedIn income by $1,000…$10,000…or even $100,000 a month.

But more importantly— if you don’t want to spend another year on LinkedIn without getting any tangible results.

It’s finally time to gain CLARITY on what exactly you need to succeed, so you can make Clients come to you - instead of chasing them. 

From the desk of: Stevan Koncar

Dear LinkedIn Creator,

Looking back a year ago, did you dream of posting every day on LinkedIn, commenting on everyone’s posts, replying to all the comments & DMs you got, and spending 3+ hours on LinkedIn every day — without making any significant progress?

And by "significant”, I don’t mean counting your likes and followers. I’m talking about actually turning your LinkedIn into a reliable revenue stream. Or, in plain words -
counting your hard-earned money.

Because if you’ve been putting your valuable time and effort into LinkedIn every day, every week…for months…or even years…then you should be earning something from it as well.

Perhaps you think you only need to gain an extra 1-5k followers before the money starts rolling in. Or that if your posts were a bit more visible, the tide would turn in your favour.

“If you build it, they’ll come.”

The truth is, they never do. At least not until you radically change your approach.

Let me take a wild guess. You’re probably stuck in an infinite loop of low-level advice and trendy algorithm tactics that work for three days, but don’t solve any REAL problems.

Slowly, it’s been creeping up on you, and suddenly you’ve found yourself burned out, neglected, and forced to lower your prices yet again - in the hopes of closing at least a couple of clients to cover your bills this month. Because “that’s how it goes.” 

And worst of all, it seems like everyone else is winning on LinkedIn. All those creators you see popping up in your newsfeed every day, who went from rags to riches overnight.

So, that’s it: your love for the platform is slowly dying, your business is suffering, and you wonder whether you should keep pushing on, or quit forever.


What If Your LinkedIn Experience Was Different?


Imagine waking up with five qualified leads in your inbox — leads who've already booked their Discovery Calls with you while you were sleeping.

Even better, your sales calls look more like friendly chats, and less like highly structured pitches — because your prospects have zero doubts about your expertise.

You’re making five figures through LinkedIn alone EVERY month. YOU:

✅ Can raise your prices if you want to.

✅ Make more money with less work.

✅ Choose who you work with. 

There’s no stressing over where your next Client is coming from — they’re already in your Inbox. You turned LinkedIn into a revenue stream that brings you five figures every month. And it’s hard to believe that only a year ago it was a complete mess.

“That sounds great. So why isn’t everyone doing it?”


Here’s the thing — if I asked every single person if they wanted to build Authority & make their LinkedIn a 6-figure revenue channel, they’d all say “YES! Of course!”

No surprises here; we all want to make money and gain recognition.

So what’s the problem?

If you ask random Coaches, Consultants, and Service Providers on LinkedIn what’s stopping them from making LinkedIn their main revenue channel, you'd find out that they’ve fallen into one of the following traps:


7 Deadly Traps of LinkedIn.

Trap 1.

You’re stuck in a loop of low-level advice from “LinkedIn gurus” you stumbled upon. You're chasing the algorithm, selfies, carousels, platitudes, likes, non-monetisable engagement, and whatnot — wasting 2-5 hours every day on LinkedIn without getting results.

Funny, they didn’t mention how they turn their likes into money & why the only thing they’re selling are courses on how to get more likes, but not make actual money. Weird. 

Trap 2.

You get likes on LinkedIn, and some of your numbers are growing, but not the ones you’re hoping for — the number of Qualified Leads, Discovery Calls booked, and the money in the bank. The worst part — you’re afraid to stop playing the get–likes game.


Trap 3. 


You can't see the forest for the trees because you’re stuck in your own head. In theory, you know you need to put yourself in your customer's shoes, but you haven’t managed to put it into practice.

This is a common Founder trap. Most people fall here, but technical founders fall into this more often than others — they can’t stop talking about “the product & its features.”


Trap 4.

Your LinkedIn Strategy is more complicated than Einstein's theory of relativity.

The more pieces you add, the harder it gets to keep playing the game. And bearing in mind that consistency is the number one rule of LinkedIn, is complexity the right choice?


Trap 5. 

You lack Alignment on the BIG 3: your LinkedIn Profile, LinkedIn Content & LinkedIn Engagement don’t sing to the same tune.

This one’s hard to notice… until you notice it. From then on, what’s been seen - cannot be unseen.


Trap 6. 


You lack Clarity on the other BIG 3 — the Problem you solve, your Target Audience, and your USP (Unique Selling Point). You might not be aware of this, but it’s influencing EVERYTHING you do on LinkedIn.

Think about it. How will your Ideal Clients trust you to have the best solution to their problem, if it’s not even clear to you what you’re doing?


Trap 7. 


You’re reading about getting clients through LinkedIn, but it’s hard for you to EXECUTE LinkedIn the way you know you should. You need someone to keep you accountable, and help you do the actual work.

Knowing is one thing; doing what you know is a whole other ballgame.


That’s it. Well, the seven most common ones, at least.

So how do you escape these Traps?

Bad news: It’s far from easy.

Good news: It’s also not rocket science. If you’ve ever wanted to draw the right eyeballs to your profile, and turn LinkedIn into a 6-figure revenue channel...

Maybe you should start listening to people who’ve actually done it.

“True. But Who The Heck Are You, And Why Should I Listen To Your Advice?”


Hey, like I mentioned before, my name is Stevan. I’m the Co-Founder of Authority Marketing.

I hate to toot my own horn here, but I guess it’s only fair for you to know whose advice you’re reading right now. I’m well aware that your time is valuable, so I’ll promise to keep it relevant.

Dina and I have managed to land 15+ Qualified Inbound Leads every week since October 2021, gained 90,000+ followers in less than 2 years, and turned our LinkedIn into a 6-figure revenue channel.

All that WITHOUT:

❌ Paid Ads

❌ Business Network, or

❌ Sending out a single cold DM. 

ZERO outbound outreach, sleazy trick-the-algorithm tactics, or dodgy shit like pods. Nothing. Nada.

Heck, until recently, we didn’t even have a website.

Now, it would be amazing if I could pull out some rags-to-riches story — how I struggled with LinkedIn, couldn’t get any clients, and then some magic happened…

But the fact is that Dina scored her first $20k client through LinkedIn in her first month, and I used to get three warm leads per post back in 2020.

But we did struggle —

We noticed we were attracting a ton of quality, high-ticket leads, but couldn’t figure out what exactly we were doing.

And often, it’s better to have an understanding of why you failed, than to be ignorant of why you succeeded.

To build a successful business, you have to be able to turn it into a repeatable process.

So, for the last two years, we’ve been figuring it all out, and building our LAB (LinkedIn Authority Blueprint).

“Alright. But What’s Your Point Stevan?”


Don’t worry, you’ll see it in a minute.

The biggest breakthrough for Dina and I was nailing down our LinkedIn Success Formula.

You might ask, why "x" and not "+"?

It's simple — make any of these 0, and your LinkedIn success drops to 0.

If your Profile is 0, your LinkedIn Success is 0.

If your Content is 0, your LinkedIn Success is 0.

And if your Engagement is 0, your LinkedIn Success is 0.

So, you MUST do all three to at least some extent for it to work.

Now, here's the most interesting part —

You can improve ALL THREE by nailing down only ONE thing.

And that is...


So Why Does Clarity Matter?"

It’s simple — if you're clear about:

- The burning problem you solve.

- Who has that burning problem.

- How you solve it effectively.

…your LinkedIn Success increases because CLARITY influences all three —

  • Profile.
  • Content.
  • Engagement.


The best part?

It's not linear — it's EXPONENTIAL.

Allow me to explain.

Let's say your CLARITY is 1.

If you improve it by 10%, it goes to 1.10.

It impacts all three elements of Success, so your Improved LinkedIn Success looks like this:

Improved LinkedIn Success = 1.10 Profile x 1.10 Content x 1.10 Engagement

Improved LinkedIn Success = 1.33 x Profile x Content x Engagement

Improved LinkedIn Success = 1.33 x Previous LinkedIn Success

Congrats — by improving CLARITY by just 10%, your chance to succeed on LinkedIn grew by 33%.

But what if you improved your CLARITY by 30%?

Your chances increase by 120%.

If you grow CLARITY by 50%?

Your chances increase by 237%.

"OK, guys, I get it. Clarity matters."

Cool, but do you work on improving yours? 

Most people on LinkedIn never invest in deep work.

They chase random hacks, selfies, algorithms, risking their entire reputation to get a couple of likes, you name it. The low-level stuff.

If you're one of them, you have two choices:

  • Keep doing what you're doing & waste your time on LinkedIn for months, or even years.
  • Enrol in the 60-minute Client Clarity Challenge NOW, and start working on growing your LinkedIn success exponentially.

“Do I Need Clarity When Starting Out? Can't I Work On That Later?”


Sure you can. You can start without Clarity. In the words of Nike, “Just do it.”

But have you heard about CLARITY DEBT?

“The f*ck is that?”

Meet Jane. She’s been a Consultant for the last 15 years.

Her Clarity Debt is low because over those 15 years, she’s clarified the problem she solves, for whom, and how that differs from other people in her niche.

On the other side, we have Jeff.

Jeff is also a Consultant, but he’s not worried about clarity — his Clarity Debt is high, but he’ll figure it out later.

They both started on LinkedIn.

Jane knows who she targets, what problem she solves, and why her method works.

She can use that to:

  • Turn her Profile into a persuasive Sales Page.
  • Write content that perfectly resonates with her Ideal Clients.
  • And finally, understand who to engage with & how

Jane is intentional and strategic with her LinkedIn game.

She soon starts getting clients. A couple of months later, and she’s got more than she needs.

Her Clarity debt stayed low — because she paid it off early. Maybe she sometimes pays a few clarity dollars, but nothing to worry about.

Jeff starts by “just doing it.” He:

- Writes about random things.
- Looks at the wrong metrics.
- Talks to random people.
- Focuses on likes.

On top of that, his:

  • Profile is weak.
  • Content doesn’t hit home.
  • Profile, Content & Engagement are misaligned.

As a result, he's not getting any clients.

Jeff’s all over the place. He spends 20+ hours a week on LinkedIn without any success, attracts random low-level followers that are far from his Ideal Clients, prioritises likes because of the dopamine hits he gets, and has no idea what got him here, or how to fix it.

- He gathered an audience that will never buy from him.
- He was moving fast, but not in the right direction.
- And he’s known for nothing in particular.

Jeff’s Clarity Debt grew, and now it’s harder to pay it off.

The point?

Lack of Clarity causes a Clarity Debt. And like every debt, it grows fast.

The truth is — you’ll have to pay it sooner or later.

So why not do it while it’s still small?

And if you remember me talking about how Dina closed that first $20k client after one month on LinkedIn, or how I got all those consulting calls when I was starting out - it wasn’t because we were winging it.

We both took the time and intentionally worked on eliminating the Clarity Debt BEFORE even writing a single LinkedIn post. A lot of prep went into our LinkedIn strategy. Hence the results.

But no matter if you’re just starting out on LinkedIn, or you’ve been there for some time, a no-brainer way to grow your LinkedIn Wealth is to clear your Clarity Debt.

And that’s what the 60-minute Client Clarity Challenge is all about.


“Hold On a Second — Is This Even Possible? I've Only Seen A Few People With Tons Of Followers Do Well On LinkedIn.”

Let’s take a look at one of our clients who recently started from zero on LinkedIn - meaning it was a brand new account. No followers, post history, or any kind of platform visibility.

But that wasn’t even her biggest challenge. It was the fact that NONE of her past positions were related to her current profession. She didn’t have the usual career change, so it was challenging to merge one skill set into another, and still show her expertise.

Just like you, Klaudia wanted to book more Discovery Calls through her profile.

In her first week, she scored 5 Qualified Inbound Leads and CLOSED 2 of them — with only 200 followers!


 (she sent this to Dina, btw 😅)

“‍This is an outlier”, I hear you saying... 

...But what about our client, who made her first $3,000 in a week, 5 figures in a month, and reached her YEARLY financial goal 6 weeks after we started working together?


Or a desperate guy who was looking for a job for months before reaching out to us...

...which ended up with Amazon, Microsoft, and WeWork reaching out TO HIM?


Now, do you know what all of them have in common?

They all started with THE SAME DEEP-DIVE EXERCISE.

And that’s exactly what you cover in the 60-minute Client Clarity Challenge.

“Ok, but how???”

Start turning your LinkedIn into a 6-figure revenue channel — today.


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BRUTAL TRUTH: You Don’t Need More Information.

By this point, you’ve realised you can make LinkedIn work for you.

The most common question we get right here is: “Yeah, but how do I do all that?”

What you’re really saying is: “Yeah, this sounds great, but…”

“I need more time to think it through."
“I need to read more about it.”
“I need more…”

It’s always MORE.
More research, more time, more educational posts, more LinkedIn gurus. More something.

If you’re here, stop and ask yourself this: 

If we gave you the perfect LinkedIn Authority Blueprint tomorrow, would you know what to do?

Would you know…

  • How to set up a LinkedIn Profile that converts?
  • Where to find Content Ideas for your posts?
  • How to write your post hooks?
  • How to end your posts?
  • What metrics to use?
  • How to sell without being sleazy?
  • How to build trust & authority on LinkedIn?
  • How to package your Services & Digital Products?
  • How to operationalise your LinkedIning & save time?
  • How to attract only the Clients that are RIGHT for you?
  • How to resist the temptation of a dopamine rush when you get likes?

Theoretically, you could find all of that information online for free.

Heck, you could read all 1,000+ of our free LinkedIn posts, or newsletter issues!
So, why are you here?

If information was all that mattered, everyone would have a beach bod, balanced life, and successful business. 

But it’s not about more information —

It’s about connecting the dots & executing.

So, let us help you connect the dots and execute. 

“Remind Me Again, What Exactly Am I Getting Here?”

If you’re looking for a standard, fluffy, non-actionable, we-talk-and-you-listen workshop…

...that will make you feel good for an hour, but keep you wandering around for ages without knowing how to get out of your own head & market your services like a pro…


That's not how we approach education.

What you’re getting here is:

  • A 60-minute Interactive Masterclass on June 16, 2023 at 9 am PST/12 pm EST/6 pm CEST with Dina Calakovic & Stevan Koncar where you'll do the actual work on your BIG 3 — the problem you solve, for whom, and how.
  • The proven questions to help you get out of your head & put yourself in your Clients’ shoes.
  • Guidance through the Workbook that helped our high-ticket clients attract $100M+ deals.

And if you do this right, you’ll get much more than you expect:

  • The AHA moments of realising what you’re doing wrong & what you need to change — without anyone having to tell you.
  • Input for turning your LinkedIn Profile into a 24/7 Sales Rep & your LinkedIn into a 6-figure revenue stream.
  • A step towards aligning ALL your Sales & Marketing activities

Because this all works outside of LinkedIn, too.

Less Theory, More PRACTICE.

We've all been there. Paying for some "Masterclass" and expecting hands-on knowledge, while actually getting:

-  Stuff you can find on Google with 3 clicks.

-  Zero to very little practice.

-  Endless sessions that drag along without a real structure.

-  "Masterclass" that’s a Q&A session in disguise.

-  Or worse - sales pitches.

So no, it won't be your average Masterclass where you'll just listen to a bunch of theories & principles, and be bored to death.

You'll have to grab a pen and a piece of paper, roll up your sleeves, and do the work. Lots of micro exercises & actionable tasks that'll get you thinking like your customer.

Sounds good?

Let's do it.

Start turning your LinkedIn into a 6-figure revenue channel — today.


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“Yeah, But Will It Work For Me?”

Perhaps it will. But chances are, it won’t. Here’s how you’ll know.

This will NOT work for you if you:

  • Are looking for a magic bullet (a course that spits out a million-dollar business) without putting in the work.
  • Have 2 followers now & want to make $100,000 by the time the course is over.
  • Are not willing to put the work into getting Clarity about your business.
  • Believe that “selfies + platitudes” is the winning formula for LinkedIn.
  • Love the number of likes more than your money in the bank.
  • Want to be the same as everyone else in your niche.


So, who is this for?


In a nutshell, it’s for you if you want to:

  • Build a strong base for your business.
  • Escape the 7 deadly traps of LinkedIn.
  • Start getting weekly qualified inbound leads.
  • Become the first choice for your Target Audience.
  • Turn your LinkedIn into a 6-figure revenue channel.

And YOU are:

  • A Coach, Consultant, or Service-based business owner with $1,500+ offer.
  • Ready to invest in yourself to build Authority online.
  • Patient, deliberate & methodical. You’re aware that success won’t happen overnight. You know that if you put in 10 hours a week & do the heavy lifting now, you can enjoy the rewards for years to come.
  • Looking for a SYSTEM, not random tactics.

So far, we've witnessed these exact principles we’re covering in the Client Clarity Challenge work like a charm for
Coaches, Consultants, Agency Owners, Freelancers, and Founders.

Even Consultants with 15+ years of Marketing experience found it insightful.

Start turning your LinkedIn into a 6-figure revenue channel — today.


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“Sounds Cool, But Is This Gonna Break The Bank For Me?”

It might’ve done — if you’d asked us 6 months ago.

Here’s the thing — we’ve been giving away A TON for free by writing educational content on LinkedIn & our weekly newsletter, but our best-kept secrets were only revealed to our high-ticket clients.

Those clients got involved in $100M+ deals, convinced companies like Microsoft & Amazon to reach out to them, closed their first 4-figure deals in their first week on LinkedIn, and got to 5 figures in revenue in a month — all following the same recipe.

The same recipe that has helped us consistently get 15+ qualified leads a week through LinkedIn since November 2021.

We've never shared our LinkedIn Authority Blueprint with anyone before, unless they invested $5,000 - $10,000 into our Coaching Program.


So, after debating for months whether we should go public with this, we've decided to pull back the curtains on the LinkedIn Authority Blueprint.

And the 60-minute Client Clarity Challenge is the first step in monetising your LinkedIn.

The best part? 

Now you don’t have to invest $5,000 or $10,000 to start turning your LinkedIn into a 6-figure revenue channel.

You can start turning your LinkedIn into a 6-figure revenue channel for only $397 if you sign up NOW.

Just ONE client will give you 10x ROI on that.

P.S. There are ONLY 6 SPOTS LEFT.

Thought that was it? 

Then you don’t know us so well. :)

We added $1,141+ worth of juicy Bonuses (that you will gain instant access to).

BONUS #1: 30-minute Q&A group session with Stevan & Dina. ($497 in value)

BONUS #2: Personalized feedback on your Workbook with tips for improvement. ($497 in value)

BONUS #3: Up to 20% off of our 1:1 Consulting Calls. ($97 in value)

BONUS #4: 30% discount on our 2 best-selling e-books. ($47 in value)

That’s $1,141 in bonuses alone, but 
 you get the whole package for $397.

Still thinking? Here’s a question for you:

Where Will You Be On LinkedIn 6 Months From Now?

Today, you have to make a decision.

If you decide to do nothing and wait for the “better times," that’s a decision, too. Your future self will have to deal with that.

But there’s also a different path.

Start working on making money through LinkedIn NOW.

Because you lose 6 figures every year you don't know how to make an extra 6 figures.

So you might as well learn.

Start turning your LinkedIn into a 6-figure revenue channel — today.


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Your Questions Answered


Start turning your LinkedIn into a 6-figure revenue channel — today.


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